Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We have been in our house for a little over a year, and we still aren't finished with everything. I guess with 4 children and busy lives, we don't find(or make) the time to get it finished. Well, with a new year comes a new start and we are bound and determined to finish everything....painting, plumbing, new floor, etc...It will get done.

We started on our master bedroom last week. I decided on the color brown. My sister has a brown dining room and a good friend of mine has a brown living room, and I absolutely loved it. Anyway, David started painting the bedroom, and I hated it! Our bedspread was too dark with the dark walls and it looked awful. He told me he was not going to paint it again, it would cost to much for primer and then more paint. He asked me if I thought I would like it better if we had a new comforter set. Well what do you suppose I'd say??? Yes, of course.

So the search began...I looked everywhere. Online, in stores...I could not find anything I liked. Until...last week I ran into target to get a few things and just happened to walk through the bedding section, and there it was. The most beautiful set I had seen. And well under $100.

I hurried home and stuck in on the bed. I LOVE our new bedroom. We are still in the works, but I will let you have a little peek of our new comforter set. What do you think? I'll post more pictures once everything is finished.


  1. I love the comforter set and it looks great with your wall color. Glad you found one you liked! :D

  2. Love it! I have a brown room too, and it feels so warm and cozy that it is my favorite place in the house. Good choice!

  3. Beautiful Elizabeth! Target has great bedroom sets anyway, Love them.