Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pudding Painting

Before I even start*Yes, I know....I may be a little crazy for doing this. Or at least that is what my husband said before we started. My two older children loved pudding painting when they were smaller. Pudding Painting: finger painting with edible jello pudding. So, I decided why not try it with the twins. I got out our clear plastic, mixed up a bowl of banana pudding, 2 pieces of paper, and stripped the twins down to only their diapers. Let the fun begin, or so I thought. They HATED it! By hate, I mean cried as soon as they touched it. It lasted maybe 5 minutes and then off to the the bath. They had the most fun in the bath tub splashing. At least Alyssa had fun. Had to share a few pictures. Enjoy!

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