Sunday, January 10, 2010


Being from South Carolina, we do not get much snow. We may get 1 good snow every 5 years if we are lucky. When our kids hear the first announcement that there may be snow, they get very very excited. Who doesn't??? This past Thursday night, we were expecting to get snow....not even an inch, but a dusting. Around 9pm, I look outside and see flurries. I get the kids and we go outside, so we can see the snow(all 5 flakes)

If you look really hard, you might be able to see the few flakes that were coming down. All that mattered was it was SNOW. The snow we wait on all year. All our children have wanted was to play in the snow.

We finally found our solution. Man Made Snow. Yes, even in Clinton, SC. We took our kids this afternoon, and they had a ball.

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