Thursday, January 28, 2010


For a while now, we have been wondering when Hayden and Collin would begin talking. They have been in speech therapy for almost 1 year now, due to prematurity and some speech delays. I have noticed within the last 2 weeks a lot of new words have blossomed. I jotted down a quick list today of some of their favorite words. Sorry to bore you with all of this, but are so glad that they are finally talking. I know some day soon, we will want them to be quiet all over again, but for now, I love listening to them.
A few words to share: gone, bubba, papa, mawmaw, chip, eat, more, goat, bath, ho-ho-ho, pop, phone, baby, done, choo-choo, down, oh toodles(from Mickey Mouse clubhouse), water, hot, ouch, please, thank you, bear, book, read, beep, hotdog, boo-boo, wow, sky, uh-oh, mouth, apple, pack(this is what we call Hayden's paci), kitty, dog, out, cow, bird, nose, snack, no, car, truck, yes, C-ya, mine, shirt, pants, Collie(this is what we call Collin), Hay(this is how they say Hayden's name), pee-pee, stinky, wee-wee, fish, cereal, up, Mama, Dada, Sissy, Zach, on, night, bye, hello, cup, drink.....I'm sure there are many more. Thanks so much from all of the help from our speech therapist and EI. We could not have done it without them.

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