Monday, January 25, 2010

That piece of me needs peace!

I love "not me" Monday! It's such a stress reliever just to get it all out. Who cares?????

As I type, I can hear the dishes being put away in the kitchen. I am sure most of you wonderful ladies, jump at every opportunity to jump right up and help your hubby when he does decide to clean...right? I should be sitting her feeling awful guilty about not helping clean up, but right now NOPE, NOT ME! We all need a break sometime.

If you read back in my blog, you will know that my husband has been unemployed for 4 months now. Well, today things may change. He has a meeting at his old employer, to possibly go back to work there. I know, I know I should be super excited, but Nope, Not Me. Lots of things happened while he worked there, that really tested our marriage. I know things and people can change and I just need to continue to pray about it, but a little piece of me is still a little nervous. I think that piece of me need peace!

Hope you enjoy my little spill today and don't forget to share your Not Me Monday!!!


  1. praying he got the job. my husband is a great deep cleaner and it is not me who watches while he does it

  2. I know that certain jobs can be mixed blessings. Praying God's will for you guys!

    We're linking up again on Monday for another round of bold blogging. Hope you'll join us:)