Tuesday, January 4, 2011


That's right, you heard right...QUARANTINE! I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday about the stomach bug and we were talking about hoping that it did not find our family this go around, well, you guess it. 3am and kid 1 started. I ended up sleeping on the couch and Hayden on the love seat.
8am and the stomach bug has claimed it's 2nd victim. I have cloroxed and lysoled and hand sanitized everything I could today. I don't think we have any skin left on our hands after all the washing and hand sanitizer we have used.
Everyone seems to be on the mend. I decided we needed some fresh air this afternoon. We went out and rode the gator for awhile. I captured this photo(with my cell) while we were out. Even though at 3am this morning he was sick, you would never know in this picture.
Alyssa is staying with Granny tonight in hopes that she will dodge it. I am hoping and praying that the stomach bug has found it's way out of our home. Goodbye and don't comeback.

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