Friday, January 14, 2011

Very First Fix-It Friday

This is my very first fix it Friday with iheartfaces.
Before beginning I cropped a little. I use PSE 6.
1. Used Coffeeshop Vivid 2...turned off vignette and turned out bright
2. Adjusted Shadows/Highlights
3. Used Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room....lightened under the eyes, used skin glow on forehead, used eye define, and brightened the eyes
4. Used Coffeeship Lomo


  1. Yes, I love editing but my first fix it friday.

  2. Look at those eyes!!! WOW! :) Welcome to Fix-It-Friday. I haven't done one of these since last July so it feels new to me all over again. Hope you've had fun with it!

  3. Great edit! Very well done! :)