Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp

Ok....I have put off the inevitable long enough.  My babies are growing up and I need to get on the ball with potty training.  I tried a couple months ago and gave up to easily.  After spending some time thinking(months) I decided Hayden is showing more signs of readiness than Collin. I will be training them separately.  This may be more successful, than trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 

So, this morning is the DAY.  We made potty books to put our stickers in. We pulled out our potty and we got our big boy underwear. 
BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White

Today is Hayden's day and Collin could care less.  Collin is going to be my little stubborn one. My goal is to have both potty trained before we go to Disney in May. The money this will save. 
Having two in diapers, has gotten to be expensive.  I would hate to see what we had spent on diapers and wipes since they were born 3 years ago. 

I must say their little toddler bottoms are so cute in underwear.  Can't resist it posting a picture. 

So, what are your tips on potty training????  Help me make this an easy transition for my boys.


  1. michelle hubbardMarch 1, 2011 at 5:46 AM

    make it a game...my brother had my nephew try to sink the fruit loops in the potty...he enjoyed trying to sink them...pooping took alittle longer..he got treats for pooping...you can try this..it may help..

  2. I wrote a post about this two weeks ago:


    It has most of my thoughts on the process. And you are right, toddler bums in underwear are pretty stinking cute, no pun intended :)

  3. Good luck! My little man was ready about 6 mths ago but we had just let our niece move in and she had a baby so we put it off. Now just turned 3 and could care less. He will go potty but its not an automatic thing. Cant wait to see how things turn out and if you have some ideas that worked for you....please share. My twins were a bit stubborn to train. They still at age 7 cant wake up to potty. SO goonights are still having to be purchased. We tried twice to end this and it never happened. Dr. told us not to worry that usually around 8 something just snaps and they will wake up to go potty..hope so but she has yet to see how hard my childrend sleep.

  4. Be consistent. Never punish for an accident (that's probably obvious). Don't push for night-time dryness(some kids don't experience this until they're 8 or 9 or even older and that's normal development). And if you get desperate? Leave me a comment and I'll tell you what worked for us ;)

    Funny about Disney - we went in May the year that my Oldest Boy turned 3 (February) and we were hoping to have him trained. At one point of desperation I said, "Honey, I don't know if Mickey Mouse will let you come to his house if you don't know how to use the potty!" He said, "Well, you better call and find out!" {SIGH}

    Good luck and remember you'll ALL have good days and bad days. Give yourself a sticker, too!

  5. I tried and tried with my boys. Point fact: they didn't potty train until they were ready. They will do it when they're ready. The more I pushed then they went backwards more.