Saturday, March 5, 2011

Potty Training Update

It feels so good to say that.  Hayden has been in big boy underwear since Monday and has only had 3 accidents.  I am still doing diapers at night.  Really not wanting to clean that up every morning.  I am going to continue with Hayden next week, to make sure that this is really sinking in(literally).  I will then begin working with Collin.  Collin does not show much interest yet. When is he ready, I know, he will go. Thanks for all the advice.  Enjoy the few pictures. 
He is such a proud boy.  We made a potty book the first morning and he would place his stickers in it for any successful tries. Don't mind the dirty face or  PJs.

Look at all those stickers.  Hayden we are very proud of you.  You are growing up to fast.

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