Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

Zach, as you all know, is in 4K. He brought a homework project home. We were to decorate a snowman any way we decided. Zach thought for a few minutes and said, "Oh...Mommy I know, Frosty can be a Firefighter." Of course...his favorite thing. If this child does not grow up to be a firefighter, then he missed his calling. When we go to the beach on vacation, his favorite part is always visiting the Fire Department. I guess that is what happens when your great grandfather, grandfather, and dad are all firefighters.

Anyways...back to our snowman....
Well, as any mom would do of course, I go raid my craft stash. Felt...check, glue....check, crayons....check, scissors.....check, paper.....check, ribbon.....check, markers.....check. We worked on it together....and I am pleased to introduce you to Firefighter Frosty.

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