Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crayon Disaster

So, If you read my prior post you will know about our big craft of the week. After we finished Firefighter Frosty, Zach and I put the craft supplies back in my office/craft room. Well, so we thought. Until I find it. What you may ask????
Yes, the playroom door was covered with black crayon. I am not quite sure how the crayon got from the den to the playroom...I'm sure it used it's legs and walked through the gate into the playroom. Isn't it funny how somethings remain a mystery. I love that Collin is artistic and loves to draw, I just wish he would not use doors and walls as his canvas. So, I head to the cleaning cabinet, and grab one of my 8 boxes of Mr. Clean Erasers. Yes, 8 boxes and I only paid $1.02 for all 8 boxes using coupons a couple of months ago. You never can have too many boxes of Magic Erasers. So, I go to work scrubbing the door, and Ta-Da...back to normal.

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