Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

This is my very first Not me Monday. I have been a spectator of MckMama's and others and this Monday, well...I decided to join in.

With the holidays and all, everyone has been so busy. I'm sure most mother's took their children to the mall to sit on Santa's lap...Nope, Not me. I was super swamped with my photography business and wasn't able to get there; instead, we did see Santa at a Christmas supper.

Some families have housekeepers. Nope not me. This could be added to wish list Wednesday. Wish we could just catch up on laundry.

Already planned summer vacation. Not me! I'll wait for about a month ahead and then pack the night before we leave. We will spend a couple days at Myrtle Beach this year. Flown in an airplane. Nope not me. I told my husband that I wanted to do this for my 30th birthday...which yes, Is this year.
Never done a Not me Monday...Nope not me anymore.


  1. Girl, I have been planning a summer vaction since we hit the road back home from our last one.. : )

  2. I have been planning our week long summer trip to Nebraska. This week I will be mapping out our exact rout- where we are stopping and for how long. as soon as our Tax refund gets here we will start the reservations- ive already picked out the hotels. :)