Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

This is my first Wish List Wednesday. I am hoping my husband will read my blog(so, if you know him tell him he might want to check it out). Our anniversary is coming up on Valentines Day and any of these would be great gifts. Just a few of my wants:
I would love the past, present, and future necklace from It's a very affordable gift.
I really would like some new counter tops. Our counter tops now are a rose/mauve color. Not pretty at all. I know this will not happen anytime soon. But eventually I would love to replace them.
I would like to have a mounted or dual screen portable DVD players for the car. With a car full of 4 children this would be a perfect travel solution. Or even better....a new car with it already built in. It's Wish List Wednesday....we can all wish.

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