Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow.....you know the white stuff

I live in SC and we do not see snow very often. Once a year if we are lucky and usually then it is only about 1 inch. So if we ever get more than 4 inches it is considered a blizzard. The mention of snow and everything starts to close.
Well, we are now on our 2nd snow in less than 2 months. Our first was a small snow on Christmas.
We ended up getting 7 inches of snow and then ice on Monday. The kids have been out of school and will be out again tomorrow(maybe even all week). There are no signs of melting in sight. I have neglected my blogging because who knows when we might see snow again and I love sledding and playing with the kids.
After all, it is SC and everything is cancelled in the snow even blogging.

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