Monday, January 17, 2011

We all scream for Ice cream!

I am enjoying the weekly contest at iheartfaces. I have not won any of them yet, but it is still very fun. I enjoy getting comments on my photos and new followers on my page that enjoys my photography.

This week's theme is Winter Wonderland. How appropriate! In SC we only get about 1 snowfall a year, and even then it is usually only a dusting. We have already received 2 snowfalls this year. Our first being on Christmas, and the most recent being this past week. We received close to 8 inches this past week and it was wonderful for making snow ice cream. I found this GREAT recipe and we made chocolate ice cream!

You can tell by Collin's face that he dug right in. Until next snowfall!
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  1. What a sweet memory and picture!


  2. I am in Missouri, and we normally have had snow by now. I am completely jealous that you have had so much! We always make snow cream :) but my grandma says you can do it with the first snow because it contains too much smog and things in it. lol. I am not sure how true that is. chech out my blog, nice meeting you!