Thursday, February 17, 2011


Depend Refastenable Protective Pant, Small/Medium, 18 Count (Pack of 4) No, Not that kind.
Today has been a day.  It started out different from other mornings,which threw us off.  I had to take the 2 oldest to school today(Daddy usually does this on his way to work, but had to go in early).  Got a note from a teacher about respect(and wanted to scream, "if you give respect, you'll receive respect")  You can't yell at 6th graders and then expect them to show you the respect. Just saying....
Returned back home and began cleaning. A friend came over to pick up some clothes and stroller and accidentally locked her 3 week old in the car. Off to call 911. Here comes 2 police flying up my driveway, with lights glaring.  Eventful to say the least. Baby and momma are ok. 
Took 1 hour to get twins down for a nap(usually takes 10 minutes).  Had to wake them early to get Alyssa from school to be at the DR. by 3:30.  Was meeting David there at 3, so he could sit in the car with the others and they would not pick up any illness in the 3:15.....NO David. He finally texted and he could not make it(surprise, surprise). Decided to reschedule. Flu is going around like crazy and I did not want to take the chance of them getting it. Sitting in the DR. office with 4 kids is not my idea of fun.  Returned home with 2 grouchy sleepy toddlers.  Received a call that my child had posted pics on facebook of another child.  I am not saying my child is perfect, but....she does NOT have a facebook page, she does not have a digital camera.....Just saying......

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