Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays

Wish List Wednesday has been treating me well.  I have actually asked for a couple of things that I have been wishing for.  I did receive some new running shoes and booked a Disney Trip this past weekend.  So Wish List Wednesday does pay off.
 Wii Fit
I have been eyeing a Wii Fit for some time now.  I can't reason spending $100 on it thought.  I would love to have one.
 DBTech 175 Watt Portable Micro Power Inverter With USB Port --- 12v AC to 110v DC Car Plug Converter For Your Ipod DVD Players Laptops Netbooks And cellphones
Because we travel so much(once a year), and I work from home or can edit photos when not driving I would love to have one of these to plug my computer into while in the car.
We have been trying to get our kids on a better schedule in the morning, which in returns helps our entire day.  I think this would be a great idea for Alyssa and Zach and we can plan for an entire week on Sunday afternoon.

While doing Wish List Wednesday this week, I figured with Zach's birthday coming up I would do a short wish list for Zach in case you are wondering what to get him.
Zach's Wish List
1.  You can always get him the clothes organizer
2.  Super Mario All-Stars: Limited EditionHe loves our wii.  Any Wii game would be a hit with him.
3.  Rawlings Playmaker Series PL195CB Baseball Glove (9.5-Inch, Right Hand Throw)We begin tee ball very soon and he is going to need a new glove.
4.  Skechers Toddler Hot Lights-Damager-Police Hook-And-Loop Shoe,Black/Silver,7 M US ToddlerHe has been eyeing these police shoes for some time now.  Police of course.
5.  Anything firefighter or police related.

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