Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Beginnings

If you go back to my post on March 29, 2011:
I mean really, did you miss me? Did you think I had taken a sabbatical or fallen off the earth into some black hole somewhere. I have missed blogging, but with my crazy life lately, it just has not fit into the schedule
Photography business is booming, my part time job is more of a full time job these days, baseball, cheerleading, my husband was in a class for 2 weeks. We added a new addition to the family(pictures to come).
Hopefully I am back to stay, until life gets hectic again. Which will be.....

Well apparently I got lost in the wilderness and that TOMORROW was more like several months. I hope to strive to post more regular on a blog in 2012. Not only to share our life with the world, but to document our lives so my children can look back one day and wonder how they ended up with such a CRAZY family. I love blogging, but seem to always put it on a back burner and I always let it fall to the wayside. I'm not going to say that I'll blog daily but I hope to blog at least 3x a week. I think that is doable with such a crazy life. Until next time(and I hope that next time is sooner than later)....


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  2. One of my resolutions in 2011 was to blog at least once a week -- and I did it! Hang in there...looking forward to keeping up with you on here!