Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Tradition

Haven't you all heard the song Family Tradition by Hank Williams, Jr. Well that is exactly my answer to this weeks OOTW from Mulitples and More. Some people find sitters for their kids and go to big NYE parties, not me. I spend NYE with my family. This year in attendance was my mom, dad, both sisters and their husband/boyfriend and their child, and the 6 of us. 14 Total. Our family is growing!!!!!
We always build a bonfire and shot fireworks, with lots of laughter included. This year David was the firework slayer. We would look up and he would have pockets full of fireworks heading to the backyard to shot. He was in his own little world and king of the fireworks, until he was chased by one. Talk about moving fast.

The Firework slayer after a long night:

We always think it is very important to spend time as a family and with our children. Who better to bring in the New Year's with.


  1. What a fun tradition! Sounds like a great way to spend the new year!